A new drawing space

Late autumn - and it is getting colder, darker and (recently) wetter.  The clocks change tonight and it will be dark even earlier.  My studio is outside.  It's heated with a portable radiator that I need to switch on at least half an hour in advance to reach a bearable temperature on a cold day.  The result?  When I only have an hour or two it's been getting harder to get out there.  

The original idea was that one of the workbenches in the studio would be the drawing bench.  But that hasn't been working.  Dyed cloth, sewing materials, reference books keep taking it over.  Drawing is banned from the sewing table (for obvious reasons).  The dye bench (which is great for drawing) is constantly occupied with dye vats at the moment.  So despite best intentions not a lot of drawing gets done.  What to do ... 

I decided to set up a drawing desk indoors.  

It involved not one but two trips to the dreaded Ikea.  Don't ask.  

Window.  Radiator.  This is bliss.

And it seems to be working.